And Break the Pretty Kings: KPOP WRITING INSPO!

N PERFORMANCE VIDEO: Isn’t N such an AMAZING dancer? This dance performance video never failed to get me into the mood to write emotional scenes between Mirae and her brother, Hongbin. It’s just so gorgeous and emotive. If you check out the fan-casting I created for my book, you’ll see a familiar face cast as Hongbin . . . for reasons.

NOT AN EASY GIRL by LIZZY: Not only is this one of the most unique music videos I’ve ever seen, it’s also hilarious and sassy–just the kind of inspo I needed when writing Mirae’s snark. Give this fun video a watch and be prepared to get sucked in by the thrilling narrative that unfolds. It will make you laugh, cry, and inevitably cheer!

DAECHWITA by AGUST D: Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, you NEED to check out this badass solo production from BTS’s rapper, SUGA. I’ve been watching it on repeat, and it always leaves me stunned by its raw intensity. The concept and costumes get me ready to write fight scenes!

FLAME OF LOVE by TAEMIN: I mean, obviously I’ve been a fan of Taemin since his SHINee days, but I also really love his solo work! This powerful dance and song combo always hits me in the feels, and gets me in the mood to scatter in those heart-fluttering scenes of a slow-burning romance . . . .

SHANGRI-LA by VIXX: Ah my wonderful concept kings. I love ALL of their music videos, but this one’s aesthetic was especially inspiring while writing the magical setting and atmosphere of my book! Give it a watch and enjoy the absolutely stunning outfits/backdrops/props/dancing in this video.

SAVE ME by BTS: I just love this song SO MUCH. Listening to it on repeat helped me write slower, more tender scenes between key characters, and keep them rife with emotion. Some things are just more powerful and unforgettable without all the glitz and pizazz, you know?

KILL THIS LOVE by BLACKPINK: There’s only one word I need to say about why this video inspired me so much: JISOO, JISOO, JISOO!

KARMA by KINGDOM: And last but not least we have this stunning, aesthetically inspiring music video! This helped me get into the headspace to write political intrigue and explore the deeply rooted, yet elegant wickedness of my book’s main villain.

Based on what you see here, got any recommendations for me? Any awesome Kpop videos I need to watch next? Let me know in the comments!

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